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Are you in need of a new website? Do you need a go-to guy? I am here to find the solutions you need. It couldn’t be that simple, could it? One person, who could set you up with a sweet website or fix that pesky bug? That’s me, Brice Viland, your Codeable Expert. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I’m a WordPress developer passionate about bringing ideas to life. Find out how to contact me below and let’s get started.

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How to get started on your new WordPress project!

1. Reach Out.

2. Estimate.

Once you post your project to me we can take a look at the approach we will take to solve your issue. Our collaborative efforts will give me enough info to give you an accurate estimate. Us working together in this step will make it easier for me to give you exactly what you’re looking for!

3. I'll take it from here!

Now is the time that I get started working on your project! If I have any additional questions as I’m working, I’ll be in contact with you. Then when I’m all done, I’ll hand it off to you.

Work I've done.

AttilaTilly: An Amazing Doll Face-Up Artist

Attilatilly.com is a WordPress project designed and developed for a bjd face-up artist. The goal when creating this website was to create a clean and simple look. It also features a newsletter sign up and a way for her clients to commission her all online.

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PositivitySparkles: Positive Attitude, Positive Mindset

PositivitySparkles.com is a website that promotes a positive mindset. Olya has written a lot of articles that are truly inspiring. I’ve worked with her to customize her WordPress blog to help her get the functionality and design that she is going for.

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Meow Bounce: Bounce Your Way To Victory!

An iOS game I developed with Swift using the SpriteKit library. There is also a landing page you can visit (meowbounce.com) that was created with WordPress.

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  • Hey everyone! 👋 A big thank you 🙏 to anyone who has downloaded Meow Bounce! If you haven’t, let me tell you more about MB. It’s a an awesome customization game where you get to collect FishCoins to personalize your cats 🐈. I appreciate all feedback. #indiedev #f2p #cats
Recent Posts.
WordPress Easily Set Up a Local Development Environment

What is my preferred WordPress Local Development Environment? So you are looking to set up a WordPress local development environment? In my opinion, I want the environment to resemble a standard setup as much as possible. I want to have access to a folder where I can plop in a WordPress installation and get started!…

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Becoming a Full-Time WordPress Freelancer through Codeable

What is Codeable and how do I become a full-time WordPress freelancer? Codeable is the best WordPress outsourcing service. Quality is the central focus when I bring up Codeable to friends and family. I was so excited to call my mother and let her know of my accomplishment of being able to become a full-time WordPress…

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