AttilaTilly: An Amazing Doll Face-Up Artist

Who is AttilaTilly?

AttilaTilly is a very well-known BJD face-up artist. At first, I didn’t know what the BJD acronym stood for. So in case you were wondering too, BJD stands for “Ball-Jointed Doll”. So a BJD face-up artist would be someone who paints the faces on dolls such as their make up or eyebrows. It’s what gives dolls that personal and unique look. You can check out the website that I designed and developed for her by clicking this link. I would also highly recommend checking out her popular Instagram account @AttilaTilly.

What did I do for hero section

I helped AttilaTilly accomplish her website goals by providing her with an effective web design. The mission for her website was to create a nice flow. My thoughts were that someone get’s to her website and immediately they see that they can connect with her through social media. Then, the next section presents the user with a way to learn more about her services and her prices. From that point they can fill out a commission form with her all online. Her entire theme is something I custom built specifically for the type of website that she wanted.

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