Best PC FPS Shooters Top 5

Here are my favorite PC shooters out now! I’m just rating these based on what I’ve played the most and what is most enjoyable to me.

1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

This game is the most badass game I’ve ever played. It’s highly competitive and the most tactical game you will ever play. Teamwork in this game is absolutely essential.

2. Fortnite

I might have actually put the most time in to this game especially when I used to stream. It’s fun for everybody but also has a very competitive scene. It’s a battle royale game that is free to play.

3. PUBG: Player Unkown’s Battleground

Probably the first game I decided to actually try to be more competitive in. This was the game that made me upgrade my PC into an elite gaming system. It’s another battle royale game that is more realistic than Fortnite.

4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

When it comes to “sweating” in a competitive shooter this game easily takes the crown.

5. Ring of Elysium

A really cool battle royale game with a lot of potential. This game very easily could have surpassed PUBG with it’s playability but I just felt like it wasn’t done well enough to do that.

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Author: Brice Viland