Super Smash Bros Drinking Game

You will absolutely get smashed with this fun drinking game you can play with your friends. Next, grab your joy cons and pro controllers because it’s time for you to dish out the sauce on your enemies.

Rules of the game are rather simple and will have you taking sips of your drink in no time! Firstly, for maximum enjoyment I recommend playing with these rules in 1v1’s. However, that is not a requirement because the drinking game is still really fun when played with multiple people at once. Then, you need to get all your awesome friends together but you can also play online too. If playing online I’d recommend being in a video call that way you can know if everyone is participating!

Without further ado, the rules will be listed below:

  • 2 sips when you die
  • 5 sips for any opponent you meteor (That attack that sends your opponent flying downwards and ends up taking their stock)
  • 5 sips for an SD (you lost a stock not because of anyone else, you fell off the ledge or something of that sort)

Simple enough right?! Now have fun! If you think anything needs to be added to the rules just leave a comment 🙂

Now get out there and have fun! Anyone who drinks alcohol should always drink responsibly.

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Author: Brice Viland