WordPress Easily Set Up a Local Development Environment

What is my preferred WordPress Local Development Environment?

So you are looking to set up a WordPress local development environment? In my opinion, I want the environment to resemble a standard setup as much as possible. I want to have access to a folder where I can plop in a WordPress installation and get started! This is why I prefer Xampp.

How to Get Started with Xampp.

  1. Download Xampp.
  2. Run the Xampp setup.
  3. Start services necessary which are Apache and MySQL from the Xampp control panel.
  4. Create database through phpMyAdmin which already comes equipped with the Xampp control panel. To easily access phpMyAdmin through Xampp you can click “Admin” on the MySQL row. From phpMyAdmin, you will be able to add a user and create a database.
  5. Setup WordPress

Use Duplicator to Move a Live Site to your Local Development Environment?

After all that, you can then proceed to use a plugin called Duplicator which will help you easily duplicate a live site to your local setup.

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