Becoming a Full-Time WordPress Freelancer through Codeable

What is Codeable and how do I become a full-time WordPress freelancer?

Codeable is the best WordPress outsourcing service. Quality is the central focus when I bring up Codeable to friends and family. I was so excited to call my mother and let her know of my accomplishment of being able to become a full-time WordPress Freelancer.

Well, how do I become a Codeable Expert?

There is a very informative article to help understand how Codeable’s screening process works, you can check it out here. I’ll explain shortly with my experience. Firstly, you start off by submitting an application. After that, you may hear back from them and you will be absolutely delighted with how friendly they are. Then, you will begin your test project. I had received a beautiful design where I built out a home page. By the way, they had given me the assets in plenty of formats (PSD, Sketch, and an image) so don’t worry too much about having the correct software to view the assets. I then developed a theme from scratch and used Advanced Custom Fields. You may have a different area of expertise and that’s totally okay. They liked my test project and we moved forward to the live interview and live coding test. This is when I talked to one of the developers and one of the happiness heroes. I felt very at ease talking with them and you definitely will too. Then, I was accepted as a Codeable Expert!

Okay, maybe that seems like a lot but this ensures quality for awesome clients.  I would recommend focusing on each step as you continue through the process. Focus on the perks of becoming an expert. You love to code, you’re excited to deliver quality work to clients, you communicate well. Then you will succeed.

Being a Codeable Expert is rewarding.

I never realized how many people need help with their websites! Codeable is the best WordPress outsourcing platform there is. Also, it is by far the best community I have ever been a part of. Experts help other experts here, this is a collaborative effort. Furthermore, it is so amazing to be able to hand off a project that you did your best on and see first hand what a difference you made for your client.

Clients value your quality work.

So to wrap this up, this is my first week at Codeable. At this point, I was able to work with three different clients, it was a real pleasure. This is my first year as a freelancer and already my first week at Codeable, I see it’s possible to do this full-time. This has been “just an idea” for so long but now it has become reality.

Thank you Codeable!

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  1. Colin

    Congratulations! And thanks for writing about your Codeable experience.

    Can you give any details about your live coding test? I’m going to apply soon and this is the one bit that I’m uncertain about.

    1. Brice Viland

      The live coding test had to do with your knowledge of WordPress, JavaScript, and PHP. They presented with me various problems to solve and then asked me to code the solution in front of them. Pretty straightforward. I wouldn’t sweat it too much if you have good knowledge of these skills.

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